Oct 12, 2009

Ice Age 3 for Fifty Cents

I took the kids to see Ice Age 3 tonight at the dollar theater in Plano. To my surprise, the tickets at the dollar theater weren't a dollar - they were 50 cents!!! 50 cents!!!

How in the world do they make money showing movies for 50 cents???

I suppose if I were to have purchased popcorn, drinks, and candy for the kids they would have made bundles off me today - because all those things are normal price, but because we were running late to the show, I just bought the tickets and we all rushed into the theater.

This is the best movie deal of the world!!!

Obviously, the theater is not nice as the ones that are charging $10 a ticket and showing the newest movies, but this theater was clean and the movies they are showing are still not available on dvd.

I loved it. A family of six at the movies for $3!!! And the movie Ice Age 3 was a hoot!

The story is all about loyalty and sticking together as a family/herd, supporting one another, being there for one another, not giving up on each other. My 4 year old to my teenagers loved the movie.

If you've never been there before, check out Cinemark 10 in Plano. Their normal prices are $1.50 and $.75 on Tuesdays. I have no idea why the tickets were only fifty cents today but this daddy ain't complaining. What have you got to lose?

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