Jun 17, 2010

Coach John Wooden on Leadership

Here's another gem from Coach Wooden's book "Wooden on Leadership".

Define success for those under your leadership as total commitment and effort to the team's welfare. Then show it yourself with your own effort and performance. Most of those who lead will do the same. Those who don't should be encouraged to look for a new team.

There are three parts to this leadership lesson:
1) Define the win based on commitment and effort to the team's welfare - success is not defined by win/loss records. Success is based on giving your best to the welfare of the team.

This is so apropos for the church world. Success is not defined by buildings, bucks, and butts. Those are the results and fruits. Success is having a team of people totally committed to the cause of Jesus Christ - the ministry and the mission of Jesus.

2) Lead by example. Right off the pages of Scripture. No other way to lead authentically than to lead by example.

3) Protect the team by removing those who don't share this commitment.

This is the hardest part of Coach Wooden's leadership lessons. But this is so necessary.

Too many church's redemptive potential has been diminished and sacrificed in order to make nice with people who need to be encouraged to find a different team.

Sometimes, it's because they can best serve Christ in a different setting.

Sometimes, it's because they have a personal agenda that trumps Christ's agenda. Doing things their way is more important than doing Christ's things.

These lessons are invaluable.

Thanks Coach Wooden.

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