Jun 7, 2010

Major Impact Coming

I was driving to church on Sunday morning and came across a sign on Interstate 5 that read, "MAJOR IMPACT COMING." It was warning the drivers regarding the constant construction that has been ongoing in Tacoma since I've moved here from Texas.

But as I was driving to church for worship on Sunday, I couldn't help but wonder - How many churches could say that about their ministries? 

  • Because Jesus paid the debt of sin
  • Because He bore the cross of Calvary
  • Because He descended into hell
  • Because He's risen
  • Because the tomb is empty

I wondered if we had put a similar sign in front of our church what people would think.
  • Would our neighbors think we were crazy?
  • Would they laugh?
  • Would they be interested to check out what we were talking about?

I believe that God placed the Little Church on the Prairie in Lakewood with the exact people who make up the membership today because God intends to love Lakewood through the church. 

I don't think there's a single thing that's happening in the world today that is catching God by surprise.
  • God knew that there would be over 70-80% of the kids in the schools around the Little Church who are on government sponsored meal programs.
  • God knew about the single family homes
  • God knew all about the people hurting and lonely
  • God knew all about the military in our community
And because of all this, God put us together at the Little Church on the Prairie in Lakewood at such a time as this because God wants to love Lakewood through the church.


I pray this reality - MAJOR IMPACT COMING!!!

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