Jun 11, 2010

No One Wins By Rewarding Everyone

I just came back from Karis' middle school awards ceremony.

I was so disappointed.

When I go to an awards ceremony I expect to see excellence rewarded and honored. That's what an awards ceremony is...at least that's what I thought.
How wrong I was.

Apparently, an awards ceremony is now an opportunity to recognize mediocrity. That was the stated objective spoken from the platform - the presenters declared, "Our goal is to award and recognize all the students but we do make mistakes so if your child wasn't recognized it was an oversight." and then they went about actually doing it.

There were about 200 8th graders and then they started passing out awards. All kinds of awards. For 2 hours and 40 minutes worth of awards.

It didn't matter whether you actually achieved anything worth rewarding and recognizing. By golly, if you were there, you were going to get an award for something.

It was such a sad sight.

What they ended up doing by rewarding everyone was to cheapen achievement. It rewarded mediocrity and penalized excellence.

  • So the kids who maintained 4.0 GPA's were recognized with the kids who have great attitudes.
  • The scholar athletes who maintained 3.95 and 3.91 GPA's while participating in four sports were recognized along with the kids who barely passed the 8th grade but they who demonstrate school spirit.

Come on!!!

No one wins by rewarding everyone. Life isn't like that. Mediocrity isn't going to get these kids anywhere.

That's just my humble opinion.

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