Jun 4, 2010

Heart Issues

I just got done visiting with the cardiologist today.

We were reviewing the test results from ekg, echo cardiogram, and nuclear stress test.

Either I had a minor heart attack prior to my quadruple bypass last year, or the heart damage and irregularity is something that's happened since the surgery.

I vote for previous damage.

The doctor wants to be sure so she has scheduled an angiogram on June 21 to make sure. I am all for making sure. When it comes to my heart, I am all for making sure.

If the doctor finds that everything is okay and determines that the damage from the tests are either from a previous minor heart attack prior to surgery, then everything is hunky dory and we go about dealing with the heart knowing that there's previous damage from a heart attack.

If, however, the doctor discovers that the damage and the lack of blood flow to that part of the heart is present as a result of post-surgery blockage, then she will be putting a stint or stints into my heart that day.

Again, I vote for previous damage.

So that's the deal-e-o with the heart situation.

The good news is that I am feeling good and my numbers have all normalized.

The great news is that God is in control and since I've been a good boy with my diet and exercise, my life is in God's hands. And that really is awesome because no matter what happens God is good and God will take awesome care of my family.

Prayers are appreciated and I will continue to do my part with the dieting and exercising.


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