Jun 26, 2010

We Have No Idea What Jesus Looked Like. And It Doesn't Matter One Bit.

Christianity is all about Jesus.


Of course Christianity is all about Jesus.

But what I find fascinating about this is that there is not a single description of what Jesus looked like in all of the gospels.

  • We don't know if he was tall or short. 
  • We don't know what kind of hair he had. 
  • We don't know what his face looked like. 
  • We don't know anything about his physical appearance.

Isn't that strange?

It's all about Jesus and yet, we have no clue what he looked like.

When we try to tell someone about a person they haven't met, we almost always say something about what they look like to help people picture them.

  • He's a short, middle-age, bald, goatee, Asian dude - hey! That's me.
  • She's a beautiful, long straight-haired, slim Korean lady - That would be my wife.

And when we don't hear anything about their physical appearance and only hear about their other attributes, we get real weary - especially if the other person is trying to set us up with them.

Almost always, we describe a person to others by saying something about their physical appearance.

But there is not one description in the Bible.

The only things that are recorded are what Jesus did, what Jesus said.

Maybe that's because, when it comes to Christianity, how tall or short, how handsome or ugly, what color or race, how much or little education, how rich or poor, etc. - none of these things matter!

The only thing that matters when it comes to Christianity is how much we resemble the things Jesus said and the things Jesus did.

I love that about Christianity.

It doesn't matter who you are, what you look like, what nationality, what color, what race, what your education level, or anything else...the only thing that matters when it comes to Christianity is how we resemble Jesus. That's why in Christ there is no Jew or Gentile, free or slave, male or female. All are invited to live like Christ.

And that my friends is what Christianity is all about.

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