Jun 30, 2010

I Like Prosperity Gospel...Only Problem is It's a Lie

I like the message of the prosperity gospel. 

I really do.

I mean, who wouldn't want to be rich, healthy, free from disease? Who wouldn't want to live in a world where God is going to take care of you and give you your heart's desire?

You'd be nuts to not like the message of the prosperity gospel.

There's only one problem.

Prosperity gospel is a lie.

That's why when tragedy does strike, when disease and illness overtakes you, when you are confronted with death, there is nothing that prosperity gospel can give you. It's empty. It's devoid of power. 

Because...prosperity gospel is a lie.  

God didn't send his Son to take on human form, take on the cross, and descend into hell just so we could have nice stuff.

God sent his Son to die for us so that those who were dead might come to life!

Prosperity gospel says, "Fear not; trust in God and he will see that none of the things you fear will happen to you."

That's awesome! If it were only true. 

This is a lie of the devil. He wants people to believe this because the devil knows that those who do will be totally disappointed with their imaginary "god" who promised such things.

Here's what Christ promises: "Fear not! The things you are afraid of are quite likely to happen to you, but they are nothing to be afraid of!"

Because with God, the worst that this world can throw at us can't even begin to touch the glory of eternity with Christ.

And that promise my friends, you can take to the bank!

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