Jun 9, 2010

Justice you! Mercy me.

We can't help it. Because we are selfish and self-centered sinners, we see ourselves through the lens of mercy and understanding while seeing others through the lens of judgment and a critical eye.

  • So when you don't tip well, you're cheap. When I don't, I am being fiscally responsible.
  • When you're late, it's because you're lazy. When I'm late, it's because of the traffic.
  • When you lose your temper, it's because you lack self-control. When I do it, it's because the boss is a jerk.
  • When you leave dirty dishes in the sink, it's because your a slob. When I do it, it's because I'm busy.

That's why when it comes to sinners - bad people - they deserve God's wrath. And we can't stand it when it looks like sinners maybe getting away with doing bad stuff. We want justice! We want it now!!! And when justice doesn't hammer down right away, we think God's being unfair.

But when it comes to good people - aka "me" - we want mercy and understanding. And when justice does show up, we beg for mercy. 

  • "Officer, I didn't know that the speed limit changed here."
  • "God, I didn't mean to look lustfully at the girl."
  • "It really isn't a lie...I just didn't tell the whole truth..."

Because the way we perceive is so messed up by sin and self-absortion, only God who is rich in mercy can change us. Only after we have experienced mercy beyond understanding - the cross of Jesus Christ - can we have the motivation to begin the hard work of transforming our perspective.

O God, change us. Beginning with my wife! 

Just kidding...beginning with me.

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